The Draft-and-Write Word Game

G! R! B! L! D! Welcome to GRBLD! Are you ready to compete for that grand prize in a gameshow of stacking words, explosive combos, and thieving Grblins?

GRBLD is a ‘draft-and-write’ game in which players draft letter cards to build words with. Vowels are free, so all you need are consonants! Each round features a category to guide the word making process. Once these words are build, players ‘drop’ the words down their sheet, causing words to stack unevenly. You’ll recognise the first few words, but then things get garbled!

Players will unlock bonuses allow them to craft explosive turns, but at a cost: peak too early, and risk lacking that extra boost just before the finish line!

GRBLD will come to Kickstarter on October 13th.

Visit the GRBLD page via the button below to sign up to be notified via the Kickstarter Pre-launch page, or to try out the game via Tabletop Simulator.

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On Dice & Ink:

“For those of you who can’t get enough of Roll-and-Write games, Dice & Ink is a pretty great deal, whether you go for the physical or digital versions.”

Jonathan H. Liu at GeekDad