Designer Spotlight: Toni Catino

Toni Catino started designing games when she was in middle school, first with custom Pokemon cards, then with games based on her favorite books and subjects. She loves all things boardgames, card games, and miniatures, but might love the designing of them just a bit more. Her goal in creating games is always to make something fun, that people will enjoy and want to share with their friends and family, because that’s what boardgames are for!

Toni is working on Little Island Gift Shop

On Little Island, everyone needs to make their own living, but sharing is an important part of their community; very little goes to waste, and no one likes seeing their neighbors struggle. Everybody takes turns going out to sea to dive for ocean goods to sell in their island shops; the longer they’re gone, the more goods they find, but not all of it goes to their own shop. Some of the goods they find will go to the island spirits to get their blessings, but the rest of what they find will go to their neighbors to help stock their shelves; and you can’t just leave them with a mountain of shells. Whoever has the best stocked shop will bring in the most money, so be careful how you organize your shop displays, and make use of what you get from your neighbors!

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