Designer Spotlight: Jeff Black

My oldest game dates from when I was in the 6th grade. A dungeon crawler where players must defeat the entire D&D Monster Manual in order to find 10 keys and escape an enormous system of caves. No player ever completed it!

I continued making games off and on until about 10 or 12 years ago when I discovered Scott Nicholson’s ‘Board Games With Scott’ . It exposed to me a world of games I never knew existed, and inspired me to take my own game designs to the next level.

When my son Josh was in Kindergarten, we began making games together! We made racing games, cops and robbers games, and even a game about raising chickens and bringing their eggs to market.

A couple of years after that, while driving through Cambridge, Massachusetts, we were talking about all the cool and amazing businesses that have been started there, and Josh asked me if we could start a business of our own someday too. So Little j Games was born.

We continue to design and play lots and lots of games. Our specialty is light to medium weight games that kids and families can all play together in an hour or less, but our range is pretty diverse. We have at least as much fun making games as we do playing them, and we’re psyched to share that fun with the rest of the world! Let’s all discover the fun!

In addition to designing games, I am an educator and a guitar player. I live in the Boston area.

Jeff is working on Skatepark! Here’s a sneak peek at the prototype!  Jeff can be found on Twitter: @jfeast

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