Designer Spotlight: Nat Levan

Nat Levan is an experienced game designer known for New Bedford and Nantucket from Dice Hate Me Games, and Supertall and Timestamp from Buttonshy Games, and the 2018 ION award winning American Steel. He loves designing and playing games about cities, history, and overlooked industries. He lives in the Philadelphia Suburbs with his wife , son, and cat, where he has been designing games since 2012.

Nat is working on PenSylvania:

“The Little Town of Sylvania is built at the forest’s edge. Will you head into the forest in search of logs for lumber and firewood, collect delicious mushrooms, or capture the wild boar that roam the woods. You can build up the town with new buildings, build pastures for your sheep, or sell it down the river. Leave yourself time to join in the town festivals through the four seasons. Make the most of your time to earn the respect of your town”

Images © Nat Levan and Inkwell Games, LLC

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