D&I Designer Spotlight: Grace Kendall

Grace is a bit surprised to take on the mantle of game designer, but after two years of working on co-designs they’re proud to introduce their first solo game to the world! This celestial storytelling game is a natural fit for Grace, who has been telling stories for years and is often found lurking in the woods (where the brightest stars live).

Grace likes to play a variety of games, but especially enjoys Sagrada, Dragoon, Castles of Burgundy, and The Great Dinosaur Rush. What started as a casual way to pass time with family and friends grew into a hobby and then shifted into a creative pursuit – as it turns out, anybody can be a game designer! Grace usually co-designs with partner Mike Belsole, who is happy to hear a weird theme or premise and help build a game around it. Most of Grace’s games start as puns or weird plays-on-words (“Ghost Peppers! It’s a hot pepper eating contest… and you’re both ghosts”) and develop into fun, family-friendly experiences.

Outside of board games, Grace is a dedicated member of the wizard rock community and spends a ridiculous amount of time writing sad songs about books. When not telling stories, Grace enjoys eating macaroni & cheese and being barefoot.

Grace is working on

Players work together to build constellations and tell stories based on them! Here is a sneak peak at a prototype playsheet!

All images: copywright 2019 by Inkwell Games LLC

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