April Backer Update

Hello Backers,

April is upon us, and with it another monthly update. We are hoping this backer update finds you well and in good health.

First off, we are not as quick on responding as we would otherwise be; Odin is doing 14-hour workdays as an essential member of the supply chain as his day job, so most of the daily operations fall to me (Joey). We are in good health though, but the current situation is nevertheless bearing down on us. We are resolving any issues that come up as fast as we can, and as adequately as we can.

Digital fulfillment

As you might have noticed, digital fulfillment has started! Regardless of whether you have backed at print-and-play only, or at the physical tier, you should have received an email with a code and instructions on how to redeem it. If you are having any issues redeeming your backer rewards, or have not received an email while you should have, please send an email to joey[at]inkwellgames.com!

Upgrading to Physical

Backers can still upgrade their print-and-play only tier to a physical tier via our webshop. We have gotten a question on whether you will need to do anything else other than purchasing the upgrade, and the answer is: no! We should have your details from the Kickstarter campaign, and we will be sending out a backer survey for the physical books still, so we are 100% sure we have your correct address.

Solo Decks

We have also had a question on the availability of the solo decks. As of right now, Coral Relief and Little Island Gift Shops are approximately 80% done.  I’m still filling in a few blanks, and then it is just balancing to ensure each deck gives off the proper feel while playing. However, considering the situation right now, we completely understand that there is a need for these solo modes sooner rather than later. Now with digital fulfillment out of the way, I can put my efforts back to the solo decks, and hopefully you will be getting them soon.

We have also decided that we’ll be shortening the balancing time on these decks, so you can play with them sooner. We’ll be able to simply patch and update these decks via our website, where they will be made available as a free download.

Just as a heads up, these are (for now) only going to be available as a low-ink version. They’ll be 18 cards, which allows you to print them on just two 9-card pages. We recommend either sleeving the prints together with a card from a collectible card game, or to print the cards directly on more sturdy cardstock. I’ve had decent results printing on 300gsm paper in the past, although I prefer sleeving.

Printing update

The latest on the printing and production on the book is that we have received the proofing, and it all looked amazing! We have given the green light for production. According to the information we have received, they are printing as we speak. The printing will take another 1-2 weeks, after which it will enter the shipping process, which takes approximately 6 weeks. Once the books hit the ground in the US, we will receive further tracking updates as it moves to the warehouse at Fulfillrite. At this point, we will also be sending out backer surveys.

The above is with a rather large caveat though: due to current events, it is possible that there will be sudden changes. We’ll keep you updated and let you know when the situation changes.

Availability on Website

As you have noticed while redeeming your print-and-play copies (or maybe you haven’t yet), Dice & Ink is also still available for late pledging on our website. A concerned backer raised a point about this, and I’d like to make it clear that Dice & Ink is available at Kickstarter prices, and will be made unavailable once the books hit the ground in the US. The shipping costs, free for US shipping, and $10 for Rest of World, are not listed the costs on our website, and are added during checkout instead. We hope this clarifies things a bit.

As of right now, we have managed to automate digital fulfillment, which means that if you were to buy Dice & Ink from our website, you will receive a download link for the print-and-play files immediately.

With regards to availability going forward, we are shutting down late pledges as soon as we start fulfilling. Currently, Dice & Ink is available for $29, but it will cost $35 MRSP later on (also no free shipping), and the 10-pack of print-and-play games will likely be exclusive to this campaign (including late pledges). Once we shut down late pledges, there will be a backer exclusivity period of at least 28 days. After this period, we will offer any stock of Dice & Ink at the $35 MRSP price. Print-and-play games will either be sold separately, or in various packs, none of which will come close to the current price, as print-and-play games generally go for $3 at the lowest.

In short: the Kickstarter prices you paid are the same as late pledge prices, and we will be shutting down late pledges at fulfillment for a backer exclusivity period.


It is important that companies handle personal data responsibly and carefully. As such, we do not use your Kickstarter data for marketing purposes. If you would like to receive a newsletter, the latest news at Inkwell Games, and promotions, we suggest you sign up for those! You can do so here. link: https://manage.kmail-lists.com/subscriptions/subscribe?a=JyBmiS&g=KD8KZW

One More Thing

We hope that if you have redeemed your print-and-play games, you are enjoying the games and having fun with them. It has been a lot of work, a lot of long hours, a lot of strange and stressful things along the way both global and personal, but we are happy to finally deliver. If you are enjoying the games, saying so on Twitter, tagging us and/or the designers, posting pictures online and such would mean the world to us.

We are in trying times currently, and we are doing what we can to at least make a difference. Having said that, we understand that these are stressful times (they are for us too), but we have received some comments via our channels that were downright condescending and mean; please remember that there are actual people reading the messages you leave behind, and that although we understand that everything is frustrating right now, we’d appreciate it you kept in mind that we are not there to vent your frustration about current events.

We hope that we have informed you well, and we’ll be in touch during the final stages of this campaign. If there is anything, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Joey Schouten, Developer

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