Dice & Ink Print-And-Play Update

Today we updated the print-and-play files for Dice & Ink: Vol. 1!

Due to popular demand, we added low-ink rulebooks to the print-and-play files. We understand that printing them in greyscale is preferable to many, so we went and made sure that the rulebook would print well that way. It meant removing the backgrounds, and using the low-ink print-and-play files in diagrams to make sure it all stays clear.

We also updated some of the low-ink sheets, mainly Flowers over Towers and Little Island Gift Shops needed an overhaul, while fixing some graphics in others. Scrapyard Rollbot should have a lot more contrast now, and Icy Dice now has more readable crop icons. Finally, Celestial Stories has a better looking starscape. We hope that these changes will make your life easier, while not detracting from the looks of the games all too much.

If you are an original backer, or if you have purchased Dice & Ink during late pledges already, you should get an email automatically with a download link for the new files. The new files are also given out instead of the old ones automatically when currently purchasing Dice & Ink.

We would like to thank you for your feedback, and we are happy to be able to respond to feedback in this way.

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