May Backer Update

Hello Backers,

April has zoomed past, and May is coming up. We hope that everyone is doing well, and that the print-and-play versions of Dice & Ink are bringing you some joy in these times. We have some new information to share, but first we’d like to remind you that redemption codes for the print-and-play version of Dice & Ink have been sent out a while ago. If you have not received a code (mind the spam folder!), please contact us to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Solo Deck Status

We are working hard on the solo decks, and at this point we have Coral Relief undergoing testing. We are having some delays due to the quarantine reducing our bandwidth. We have an editor lined up to make sure that the solo deck rules will be clear, yet concise.

Little Island Gift Shops is progressing nicely, but we are still trying to make the deck’s actions feel right.

Flowers over Towers now has all 18 cards designed, and will also enter testing soon.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress. We’d also like to remind you that these decks will be free print-and-play files that will be made available via our website, and included in the print-and-play files for Dice & Ink once the decks are done and an update of the files is warranted. We cannot make any promises, but we would also like to provide you with a high-ink version at a later stage.

Backer Surveys and Fulfilment

We got word from our printer that the books are estimated to arrive at the warehouse on May 22nd. This means that we are closing the pre-orders/late pledges at that time as well. We expect our fulfilment partner to ship shortly after. We will also start our Backer Exclusivity Period at this time.

Odin will be sending out the backer surveys for those who will be getting a physical copy. The sooner you fill in the survey and get it back to us, the sooner we can hit the ground running and send out those books to you.

As we get the books in on time, and everything is still rolling over at our fulfilment partner, we are expecting to still hit our delivery goal of June. It is, however, entirely possible that there are local delays due to COVID-19. It is also possible that we receive word from our fulfilment partner that shipping to certain areas of the world is not possible at that time. If that happens, we will contact the affected backers.

Post-Kickstarter Dice & Ink Availability

Once the Backer Exclusivity period ends, we will make Dice & Ink available again via our store, but at different prices.

The physical Dice & Ink book will be made available at the MSRP of $35 (KS price: $29), and will have no free shipping (KS price: free US shipping, RoW $10). The print-and-play version of Dice & Ink will still be included in the book. Please, we want to be able to put these in the hands of as many folks as possible at the great price, so of you know anyone looking, make sure they get in on it before May 22nd

The print-and-play version of Dice & Ink will match the common price of $3 per game, bringing it up to $30 for the collection. 

Upgrading Your Pledge

If you are interested in upgrading your pledge from print-and-play to physical, you will be able to do so until the 22nd. Upgrading is as easy as going to and completing the checkout process. The price is $14, which is the difference between the two pledge levels, and we will still be offering free US shipping and $10 RoW. Upgraded pledges will have the books shipped out at the same time as the ‘original’ physical tier, naturally. Please ensure that you have filled in your details correctly and use the same name as you used on your original pledge.

Facebook Page & Giveaway

We also have a Facebook page! If your social media platform of choice is Facebook, it would be great to have you join us there.

This page will replace the Inkwell Games Facebook group in due time. To celebrate our new social media branch, we are doing a special giveaway, with some unusual rules.

Future Projects

We find it important that backers get to spend some time with a project before immediately announcing the next project. We have new projects lined up, both as part of Dice & Ink and otherwise. We will, however, inform you of these at the end of the backer exclusivity period. We only mention this as we have had questions and comments from people hungry for more information, and we’d like to assure you that more is coming from Inkwell Games.

Finally, if you’re playing the games, we would love to see a pic of your playsheet.  Please tag us on Twitter @inkwellgames, Instagram /inkwellgames or Facebook /inkwellgames. If you feel really ambitious, we appreciate an honest rating and comment on BGG. Each game has a page.


Odin and Joey

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