Retail is a Go!

After what seems like an eternity, the store is live and both the physical book and the print-and-play versions of Dice & Ink are available. Additionally, we added an option to buy individual print-and-play versions of the games, if you know someone who wants to go that route. We are of course biased, but we think they look fantastic!

You can find them in all their glory, here

As a note, we’ve done some significant rules updates, so make sure you download the digital copy if you purchase the physical copy.

We are very appreciative of your patience, and hope that all of the waiting was worth it and these games bring you many hours of joy and challenge.

3 thoughts on “Retail is a Go!

    1. We’re working on distribution, but most distributers are not taking new clients currently. Where are you looking to get a copy sent to?

      1. Netherlands. I see I can order directly, but if local distribution is planned, I’d rather wait a bit and save on shipping šŸ™‚

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