2-6 Players – 20-30 Minutes
Requires one standard six-sided die per player, one player sheet per player, and a one-minute timer.

Since time immemorial, stars in the night sky have told stories. Constellations spell out omens, legends, myths, and fables to be interpreted by those looking up from below.

In Celestial Stories players take the role of stargazers, who look up at the skies and plot the shapes in the stars.

Chart the stars and build stories out of the constellations you map together. Celestial Stories is a collaborative storytelling roll-and-write, the only one of its kind! 

The game is played with a one-minute timer, during which players will roll their die, plot a star, and pass the sheet to their neighbor. After the timer ends, all players finish up the constellation they have in front of them, drawing any final lines between the stars and naming it. Then, together, players will link the constellations together in a story that evolves as each constellation gets added.

If you like collaboration, storytelling, and a fun time together, then Celestial Stories is the game for you!

Celestial Stories is part of the Dice & Ink: Vol. I Roll-and-Write Anthology. Get Celestial Stories and 9 other games here.