Dice & Ink


Dice and Ink: A Roll and Write Anthology is a two volume anthology of 20 roll and write games, from 20 designers!  With a myriad of themes, and range of difficulty and bunch of different mechanics to choose from, the two volumes pack a ton of fun in a small package, all playable with only some dice and ink!

When we first conceived of Dice and Ink, the dream was to put a ton of games (and by extension, a ton of fun) into the hands of players, without taking up a ton of shelf space, or a ton of mental space through having to spend a bunch of time searching through rulebooks, or wading through how to play videos (thank you to those who write concise rulebooks and make how to play videos, they’re invaluable)

We at that point, would never have thought that the designers would bring such talent, dedication and creativity to Dice and Ink.   As we speak, they are playing one another’s games, giving great feedback, and iterating their own games, like one big roll and write thinktank!  It’s glorious, and we are so thankful

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