Dice & Ink

Dice & Ink is an anthology of 10 Roll & Write games bound in a book for maximum portability, and minimal shelf space, yet high impact sitting on your table for game night. 11 designers come together to bring you 10 new games with a range of player counts, complexities, puzzles and challenges. Every game is playable with a writing utensil and a variety of polyhedral dice!
The anthology will be a full color, soft cover, perfect bound, 6″ x 9″ book, filled with multiple play sheets for each game on high quality paper, all easily removable for lamination or photocopying.
Games included in Volume I, launching on KS August. 27th are:

Scrapyard Rollbots by Sarah and Will Reed
1 player 10-15 minutes
Battle your nemesis Rick for the blue ribbon at the science fair by building the best robot from scrapyard parts!

Icey Dice by Ryan Hoye
2 players 20 minutes
Harvest food and carry it across a frozen sea of acid to trade for invaluable medicine to bring back to your village. Plan carefully, you can only cross that ice so many times

Little Island Gift Shops By Toni Catino
2-4 players Cooperative 10-20 minutes
Work together as the shopkeepers in a sleepy little beach town to get the best ocean treasures displayed in all of your shops.

Coral Relief By Jesse Catron
1-4 players 15-25 minutes
Grow a reef and attract a diverse array of species to it, but watch out for the pesky Crown of Thorns starfish!

PenSyvania by Nat Levan
1+ players 15-25 minutes
Manage a small logging town through the seasons, attend seasonal events, build up the town, and send goods down river.

Ursa Miner by Robin Gibson
1 player 20 minutes
Captain a ship as part of the last envoy from earth on a centuries-long mission to find a new home for humanity. Explore unknown space, gather exotic resources, and gain a reputation for all of it.

Flowers Over Towers By Bez Shahriari
2-4 players 10-15 minutes
Return the derelict city back to its natural beauty by planting flowers and crumbling towers. Can you get enough points before someone fills the river?

Island of Atlantis by Alexander Shen
1+ players 15-20 minutes
Raise and Populate Islands from the depths of the sea and collect the relics that surface. Will you go for the perfect island, or build many small ones to rack up points fast?

Celestial Stories by Grace Kendall
2-6 players Cooperative, 15 minutes
Create constellations in the night sky by passing player sheets after you draw a line and tell stories of their origins. May the legend of your constellations be told fot generations to come!

Lost at Sea by Joe Montgomery
1 player 25 minutes
Battle for survival while lost at sea on a heap of trash. Battle the elements, craft tools, try to keep yourself healthy and survive long enough to make it to shore or be rescued.

And there they are, in all their glory. We hope you’re as excited for them as we continue to be!

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