2-4 Players – 15-20 Minutes
Requires three standard six-sided dice, and one shared sheet per game.  Differently colored pens per player are recommended. 
For solo play, an 18-card solo deck (in progress) is required.

What was once a thriving city is now abandoned by those who lived there, now ready to be reclaimed by nature. In the former concrete jungle, new life has sprung; plants and flowers ready to take over and compete with each other for space. However, the city’s crumbling infrastructure is a disaster waiting to happen, as the river that flows through is ready to flood, and will demolish many of the towers left standing.

In Flowers over Towers, players take the role of flowers competing for space while overgrowing the concrete towers left standing. Players will grow their flowers to claim majority, crumble towers to change the floral battlefield, or fill the river to push for an alternative ending to this game.

To win this game, players must either gain majority in enough towers, or to have the majority claim in the only building left standing when the river floods. In order to do so, players will have to balance laying claim to areas with thwarting their opponents. But beware: once a tower is full, it is scored, and the runner up gets to place bonus flowers in neighboring towers. Even scoring the points you need to win can be treacherous.

If you like tight area control games, but with a fast pace and light weight, then Flowers over Towers is the game for you!

Flowers over Towers is part of the Dice & Ink: Vol. I Roll-and-Write Anthology. Get Flowers over Towers and 9 other games here.