The Draft-and-Write Word Game!

Inkwell Games is proud to present GRBLD (pronounced ‘garbled’), the Draft-and-Write Word Game by Bryan Gerding and Joey Schouten with artwork by Hannah Rough. Players assume the role of game show contestants, all competing for that grand prize.

Each round, players will draft letter cards to build words in a given category. Players only draft consonants, vowels are free! Once the words have been built, players drop the words down on their sheet. The first word will still make sense, but then things get GRBLD!

Players score by filling rows, marking off the alphabet, and filling a ‘combo bar’ by placing vowels in the correct spaces, and stacking the same consonants on each other. Via the combo bar, players will unlock great powers to use, such as the ‘letter drop’ and the ability to use both letters on a card or even to make two words in a round.

By using various powers, players get to experience satisfying explosive turns in which  they rack up both words and points. However, peak too early and risk running out of space for your words; peak too late, and risk not being able to make optimal use of your powers.

Picture taken in Tabletop Simulator.
Prototype artwork pictured.

GRBLD will come to Kickstarter October 13th. Sign up on the pre-launch page, or try out GRBLD on Tabletop Simulator via the buttons below!