1-2 Players – 20-30 Minutes
Requires six standard six-sided dice (a second set for the other player is recommended), a player sheet per player, and a shared sheet per game. Differently colored pens per player are recommended. 
For solo play, alternate rules are provided. 
This game can also easily be played multiplayer or remotely by sharing the dice results (multiplayer solitaire) using the solo rules.

On the planet of Selain, life is a bit different. Because it is situated exactly close enough to its sun to sustain life, but far enough to make large swaths of the planet uninhabitable, villages are few and far between. Most villages are separated by mountains, or by the acidic ocean. However, once a year, the moon passes between Selain and its sun, causing the ocean to freeze over, and allowing sleds with valuable goods to cross for trade. The trek is treacherous; the ice is weak, and tragedy looms.

In Icy Dice, players take the role of the village supervisors who oversee the harvest and the sledding teams. Players will have to direct their workers to gather the crops, load up the sleds, and make the trek across to trade.

To win, however, both players’  villages will need to survive before they can thrive. If one village does not make it, neither player gets to score. Players will need to make way for each other on the ice, help out with work where needed, but still need to get somewhere first to get the best deals.

Icy Dice also features an alternative solo mode, in which the lunar eclipse is paired with a meteor shower. Instead of another player to thwart (or help) you, the ice is made more perilous by meteors crashing down and leaving holes.

If you like games where co-operation and competition are linked, and mistakes can come back to haunt you, then Icy Dice is the game for you!

Icy Dice is part of the Dice & Ink Vol. I Roll-and-Write Anthology. Get Icy Dice and 9 other games here.