1-6 Players – 25 Minutes
Requires two standard six-sided dice in one color, three standard six-sided dice in another color, and a player sheet per player. 
For solo play, alternate rules are provided. 
This game can also easily be played remotely by sharing the dice results (multiplayer solitaire) using the solo rules.

Myths tell of an ancient city, swallowed whole by the waves, a place of antiquity and legend. Somewhere in the deep sea lie the ruins of the ancient city of Atlantis. Raise the islands on which this city was build from the sea bed, and observe its splendor!

In Islands of Atlantis, players dredge up the fabled metropolis, one island at a time. However, islands consists of various land types, and there is only so much space for islands to be pulled from the sea bed. Players will pick two dice from their dice pool, one ‘Land Die’ which determines the land type, and the ‘Power Die’, which determines how big that section of land is. Collect enough of one land type, and you will be able to unlock powers to change your dice with, or even get a massive points bonus!

The player that collects the most points in this game wins. To do so, players will need to balance the size of their islands, try to collect all land types in an island, and collect relics on their islands. However, instead of collecting matching pairs of relics, it is all about gathering as many different ones on one island as you can. The player that picks dice first, however, gets to remove a Power Die, likely leaving the worst results for the rest! Be wary though, the game ends as soon as a player is unable to draw their island piece, causing everyone who was unable to score their latest island to lose those points!

Islands of Atlantis also comes with a simple solitaire mode, where the waters are against you and have your most advantageous dice removed. Aim for the highest score!

If you like a good push-your-luck puzzle, then Islands of Atlantis is the game for you!

Islands of Atlantis is part of the Dice & Ink: Vol. I Roll-and-Write Anthology. Get Islands of Atlantis and 9 other games here.