Somewhere in the deep sea lie the ruins of the ancient city of Atlantis. In Islands of Atlantis, players dredge up the fabled metropolis, one island at a time. Players will need to balance the size of their islands, as well as the diversity of the landscape on the islands, to maximise their score. When scoring islands, players will rack up the influence needed to unlock useful powers with which to manipulate dice. Finally, relics are worth massive bonuses, but instead of collecting matching pairs, it is all about gathering sets of various trinkets.

The game is played with two six-sided dice of one color called ‘Land Dice’, and another three six-sided dice of another color, called ‘Power Dice’. Power Dice determine the number of hexes you need to attach to an island, where Land Dice determine the land type you are dredging up.

The game also comes with a simple solitaire mode, where the waters are against you and have your most advantageous dice removed. Aim for the highest score!

Islands of Atlantis is part of the Dice & Ink: Vol. I Roll-and-Write Anthology.