2-4 Players – 15-30 Minutes
Requires one standard four-sided die, one standard six-sided die, one standard eight-sided die, one standard ten-sided die, and one player sheet per player. 
This game also features a reference sheet/player aid. 
For solo play, an 18-card solo deck (in progress) is required.

On serene Little Island, tourism is a big deal. But not as much as community is. Inhabitants of Little Island work together, as a community is only as strong as its weakest members. Together they set out to sea to collect souvenirs and collectibles for tourists to pick up, but as is custom, always bring something back to share.

In Little Island Gift Shops, players take the role of souvenir vendors who sail out to collect new goods for sale. Each turn, players pick and roll dice to determine that they find. Players can choose to take longer trips to gather more valuable goods, but there is only so much time! After each trip, however, players need to pick what they will place in their own stall to score, what to offer up for upgrades, and what to give to their other players. On Little Island, there is no space for selfishness!

Little Island Gift Shops is a co-operative roll-and-write game! The lowest scoring player sets the score for the entire team, so players will need to balance their own scores with that of the rest of their team. Once all players have used both of their days’ worth of turns, the game ends.

If you like co-operation, sharing, and testing your luck, then Little Island Gift Shops is for you!

Little Island Gift Shops is part of the Dice & Ink: Vol. I Roll-and-Write Anthology. Get Little Island Gift Shops and 9 other games here.