1-4 Players – 15-20 Minutes
Requires five standard six-sided dice, and one player sheet per player. 
For solo play, alternate rules are provided. 
This game can also easily be played remotely by sharing the dice results (multiplayer solitaire) using the solo rules.

Autumn. The time of falling leaves, harvests, mushrooms, and a large bonfire festival. Or, at least, it is for this small logging village at the edge of the forest. It is a busy season, with preparations for winter, as well as ample opportunities for growth, profit, and prosperity.

In PenSylvania, players take control of this small village and its logging business, and send their workers out to explore the forest. Players will roll dice, and assign them to the various actions they can take, such as building new structures, or selling the forest’s bounty. At first the village starts empty with nary a fence, but as the game progresses, players will make this village bustle with trade, and make it grow until it bursts at the seams.

The game ends when enough turns have passed for the season to make way for winter. To win in this game, players need to score the most points. In order to do so, players will need to make the most of their forest, as each stage of the logging process, such as cutting trees and hauling them back, are separate actions to take. Build structures to make your life easier, and rake in the coins by selling goods, but don’t be caught unaware by the upcoming bonfire festival. A festival that can help you score many points, but only if you are the player that donated the most logs to the bonfire! But beware, the player that rolls the dice will be taking away dice when they use them, leaving the worst dice for the rest; when your time comes around, make sure you can make good use of it!

PenSylvania also features a solo mode where each turn you either get the best two dice, or the three worst, to simulate the ebb and flow of other players.

If you like worker placement games, or games in which you will need to seize the opportunity when it presents itself, PenSylvania is the game for you!

PenSylvania is part of the Dice & Ink: Vol. I Roll-and-Write Anthology. Get PenSylvania and 9 other games here.