Press Release Launch Dice & Ink

#######For Immediate Release#######

Inkwell Games Launches: Dice & Ink: A Roll & Write Anthology on Kickstarter.

Inkwell Games LLC to launch the first anthology of roll-and-write games on Kickstarter starting September 10th, 2019. The campaign will run through September 27th. The anthology will feature ten games from eleven different designers, all bound in a book.

Eleven different designers offer games ranging from charting the stars and regaling each other with the mythology that surrounding the constellations, to building and protecting coral reefs, to portraying nature taking over an abandoned city. With a wide range of player counts and complexities, there are games for the avid enthusiast and the beginner alike.

Designs from Toni Catino, Bez Shahriari, Joe Montgomery, Ryan Hoye, Jesse Catron, Grace Kendall, Sarah & Will Reed, Robin Gibson, Alexander Shen and Nat Levan grace the pages of this anthology and bring to players and collectors the first anthology of its kind.

We offer a print-and-play tier for $15, and a physical copy tier for $29, with US shipping included. That comes down to $1.50 and $2.90 per game, respectively. The project combines great value in a compact form. 

Inkwell Games Presents: Dice & Ink Volume 1: a Roll & Write Anthology, on Kickstarter now.

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