1 Player – 20 Minutes
Requires five standard six-sided dice, and one player sheet per game. 
This game can also easily be played remotely by sharing the dice results (multiplayer solitaire).

It is the day before the local science fair, and you have yet to build an entry! It’s time to hurry to the local scrapyard to get the parts you need to build a Rollbot to impress the judges and win the competition! However, as you arrive, it turns out your rival, Rick, has the same idea (and the same poor time management). As there is only so much to find at the scrapyard, and at some point it will have to close for the day, it is a race against time, as well as your rival.

In Scrapyard Rollbot, players take the role of a young inventor who plans to win the local science fair by building the best robot the judges have ever seen. To do so, players will need to divide their dice in pairs to determine where they will be searching, and what they will find. The final die, however, determines where their rival, Rick, will be scavenging, leaving nothing behind.

To win, players will need to score higher than Rick when the game inevitably ends, either when all spaces are filled, or when the player can’t search any spaces with the dice they have rolled. Players will need to make sure their robot has been built; all parts need to be accounted for, and with a decent enough quality to boot!

Can you build the best robot, or will Rick prove the better scavenger and get both the blue ribbon and bragging rights?

If you like puzzles where the decision space keeps shrinking and shrinking until you run out of luck, then Scrapyard Rollbot is the game for you!

Scrapyard Rollbot is part of the Dice & Ink: Vol. I Roll-and-Write Anthology. Get Scrapyard Rollbot and 9 other games here.