Welcome to Inkwell Games

Inkwell Games is a tabletop game publisher with a focus on expanding the scope of Roll and Write games into the greater gaming market, building an inclusive and supportive collective of game makers in order to make the best games possible, and further representing those not proportionally represented in the tabletop gamesverse.

Our first title will be Dice and Ink: A Roll and Write Anthology, two books each featuring 10 removable roll and writes from 10 different designers!  Coming to Kickstarter later in 2019.   Check out the Dice and Ink page for more info.

Inkwell Games is:

Joey Schouten, who has played and studied more roll-and-write games than perhaps anyone on earth, and is currently completing his thesis on board game adaptations of video games as part of the MSc Game Studies, which is an interdisciplinary study that mainly deals with game design for non-entertainment purposes (such as competative gaming, or educational games), as well as working alongside, and having contacts within many of the largest game publishers in Europe. His expertise in the gaming industry, wide and deep knowledge of the roll and write genre, and an uncanny ability to give meaningful and actionable feedback to designers, make him the quintessential person to head up the development and scouting operations for Inkwell Games.


Odin Phong  (sounds like pong), a lifelong gamer with a background in sales, warehousing and management.  He brings industry knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit numbers knowhow and a growing expertise in the retail games establishment to the team. His contacts in the industry, profit and loss focus, outside the box ideation and a willingness to undertake the less flashy side of games publishing, make him highly qualified undertake the physical publishing, logistics, and business operations forInkwell games.